Participate with us in our eco-responsability approach

Low impact transportation

Paris is one of the cities in the world best served by public tranports, our buses are now hybrid so don’t hesitate.

You prefer the car the apps like Sharenow, Zity, Free2move allow you to rent an electric car easily and not very expensive.

For an electric motocycle apps Troopy, Cityscoot, Yego et Cooltra are for you.

For electric scooter apps Dott, Lime ou Tier.

And for the fans of electric or mechanical bikes the stations 14026 Plantes-Moulin vert, 14027 Gergovie et 14025 Jacquier Didot are the closest to our establishment.


A selective sorting bin is available at reception

When you will arrived to your room, you will see a little state hanging on your door, you choose the eco-responsability we do not clean your room, on the other side we clean you room.

The heating as well as the air conditioning are blocked in maximum temperature on the recommendations of the government. Do not forget to switch off before leaving, anyway an automatic cuti s planned at 11 :00AM.

Our RFID key system manages the electricity in your room, you go out and the lights goes.

No more invoices are printed, the dematerialised are sent by mail.

Our take away and continental breakfast use 100% recyclable materials. Our products are short circuit or organic.

All the Hotel is equipped with bulbs and low consumption spot, presence detectors equip all our corridors.

All our home products are eco-labelled

All our bathrooms are equipped with low pressure shower heads, our taps with regulared aerators.

You are already participating in our eco-responsability approach by hanging your towels on the hooks or on the bar of the sink when you do not want the change, let’s do more you will find in your room a small state, clip it on your pillow if you do not want the change of your bed linen, that takes place every two days.

Our decision to use district heating for our hot water production still allows us to protect our environment, since 2016 our hot water is produced from local, renewable and recovery energy.

Together we can change our habits, together and for the future of our planet.